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Travis Bigham had been a young singer/songwriter when he suffered a brain stem stroke which left him paralyzed and speechless. He had been given a life expectancy of just six months but lived on for twelve years with minimal mental stimulation. He had virtually turned his face to the wall, given up all hope and was relegated to the hospice program.

With the help of Head and Heart founders and the financial backing of others, Travis acquired a computer system. He was then able to write short letters and poetry, express his most basic needs to his caregivers and even write music again. Subsequently, he was taken off the hospice program and, exceeding all expectations, lived five additional years!

Travis was the inspiration for the formation of Head and Heart in 1995. Its members have agreed that the Foundation will serve as his legacy.

A computer made such a difference in Travis’ life! Head and Heart soon realized that there was a greater need not being met elsewhere in the community – many other people were (and are) “falling through the cracks.”

The mission of Head and Heart then became one of providing resources for individuals to achieve a sense of independence once again; regaining some control of their environment - and thus their lives.

We achieve this with personalized assistive devices and software, offering individual on-site training to recipients and their caregivers.


The Head and Heart Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit corporation under the Federal 501(c)(3) status and was created with the purpose of providing computer capabilities to the physically disabled.


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